I streamlined my PC VR setup, and now I use it more than ever

One of the biggest hurdles of using VR regularly is the setup time. Every time I wanted to use my VR headset, I would have to go through some infuriating setup steps, which included clearing playing space in my office, covering the glass cabinet to avoid Lighthouse tracker reflections, starting up SteamVR, and running any necessary updates for the game I wanted to play. Of course, when I was finished, I had to put it all away again. It became a chore, and resulted in me diving into the virtual worlds of SteamVR less than I wanted.

In an effort to change that, I went on a campaign of streamlining my VR setup to make it easier to get into and faster to get out of. The idea was to make virtual reality as easy to use as flopping down in my gaming chair for standard desktop gaming. After a few weeks of upgrades and adjustments, I’m happy to report that I’ve almost managed it.

HTC Vive Pro review
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Wireless makes a big difference

There’s a reason a lot of the latest headsets from most of the major VR manufacturers are wireless. It makes a huge difference to the immersion of the virtual worlds, because you don’t have that regular reminder of brushing up against a cable, or coming up short against the end of its length. While not all PC VR headsets support wireless virtual reality, the Vive Pro does — and I just happen to own one.

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