The ‘best job in America’ pays over $120,000 a year — and offers a low-stress, healthy work-life balance

A new analysis rates jobs based on median salary, job satisfaction, work-life balance, stress level, unemployment rate and growth in that sector

We’ve had the great resignation, quiet quitting, resistance to going back to the office — and now? It turns out people are looking for happiness, stability, flexibility and a good salary.

In 2023, in the wake of the worst days of the pandemic, most U.S. job switchers and others seeking employment want to land a job that at the very least keeps up with red-hot inflation and provides some level of work-life balance. But they also want to be happy. After all, most Americans spend at least eight hours a day working — many of them without paid time off.

For workers, it’s the $121,000 question in an increasingly unpredictable and yet stubbornly tight labor market: Will wage increases keep up with 7.1% inflation? They’re also asking whether you can give it your all and still have time for a life outside of work. And they’re wondering what careers have the promise of a six-figure annual income, high job satisfaction and enough openings to make getting hired a realistic option.

A U.S. News and World Report ranking released Tuesday looked at BLS data to identify jobs for which new hires are in the greatest demand. It then ranked those jobs using seven measurements: 10-year growth volume (the number of new jobs expected to be created), 10-year growth percentage (the estimated percentage of employment growth for the job), median salary,

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